Have you ever wanted to write that blockbuster? Have you written and published but looking for ways to streamline your writing processes or tools? The Writers and Authors Network is here to assist people just like you. We are here as a community to encourage, streamline, and aid you as a writer and increase your odds of being published. Our belief is that there is a novel in all of us. You just need the encouragement and tools to see that novel become a reality.

Mission Statement

To provide a community where ideas and goals are shared in a non-judgmental environment. Where achievements are applauded and celebrated. To aid the community with the tools and information to achieve their dreams and goals in a central repository. Where encouragement may make all the difference.


Our network provides links and information on tools writers will find useful in the writing process. Software  and applications that aid the writer in developing plot, characters, and content.


Links and contact information centralized in one location. Tips and advice on “the how, the when, and the where” of putting your manuscript in front of the right publisher.


A supportive community where experiences are shared and advice is offered. Where obstacle such as writers block and being stuck can be overcome with encouragement.